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Prince proves he’s still an icon at Los Angeles Forum
Written by Janine Zuniga   
Friday, 22 April 2011 16:17

“It’s not about the physical; it’s about the sexual,” announced the singer and musician simply known as Prince. “You’d be amazed at what I can do with my mind,” reiterating his taunting antics at The Forum in Los Angeles Thursday night.

The sold-out venue filled to the brim with a sea of purple-wearing patrons amongst an audience of all ages. Though the ticket stubs claimed the concert to start at 7:30 p.m., Prince did not present himself to the audience upon the unpronounceable-symbol-shaped stage until 9:30 p.m. Prior to his entrance, the lights turned off and on three times as if the concert was about to begin. Impatient patrons booed the teasing while others, like me, were expecting the cynical joke.

It was tipped off by previous audience members who claimed Prince’s concerts tend to be controlled in a way to heighten the excitement. Those of us were also warned that he would also pretend to end his concert at least three times. Direct from me to you; don’t leave the venue until after his third encore for anyone else seeing the April 22 and 23 shows — or any in the future for that matter — as many people did before the first encore.

Overall, the concert was an amazing trial worth being patient all the way through. Every song very well may have lasted over five minutes long with extended moments of guitar solos and sexy dance numbers. His comments were as sensual as they were amusing in between breathes.
Opening with his song, “Take Me With You,” Prince walked on each corner of the unpronounceable-symbol-shaped stage asking the audience, “I am here. Where are you?” Provoking the roar of the women who want him the men who wish they were like him.

Over the course of the concert, each song blended well into the next from his own popular hits to cover songs that included Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be Startin’ Something” and “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone.

Prince’s performance indulges the audience with his arousing pelvic thrusts and sexy struts that he begins to become so distracted by the physical performance that he comically blames a back-up singer for missing his cue. Thought the audience would have been none the wiser had he not pointed it out.

He bid good night — supposedly — that soon after he quickly reemerges himself from the stage to “end” his concert with the widely popular song, “Purple Rain.” Phones and flashlights floated across the venue that while the lights were out, the space took form as a starry night. Purple confetti shot up from the stage, raining on those with the floor seating making it a great way to end the night. But for those who left once the lights were turned on, the rest of us staged for the following encores.

“We’ll be here all night,” Prince promised to the audience.

The second and third encores consisted of the much more popular songs in mash-up form including “When Doves Cry,” “1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” and a musical excerpt of “Darling Nikki” that the audience made obvious in a disappointing grunt when he didn’t actually sing it.

“I wanna go home,” Prince said upon setting foot on the stage for the final encore, “Are you saying this is my home?” Audience members clapped their hands, stomped their feet, and drummed the empty seats in front of them, shaking the entire venue to the core.

Prince ended the night with his final songs commanding everyone to pull their cell phones and waved them in place of back-in-the-day lighter-flame oceans.

“Now I want you to call somebody,” Prince said as the audience laughed, “Tell them, there ain’t nothin’ like a purple party.” Because there really isn’t anything like a Prince concert.


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