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Avenged Sevenfold Kills it at Uproar 2010 in Irvine
Written by Laura Smith   
Sunday, 19 September 2010 23:37

There have been a few shows this year that makes people wish they could go back in time and attend. 2010 has been great with Taylor Swift, Green Day, Ozzfest and Unity Tour. Tours that can all go down in history as great moments in the southern California concert scene. Today however might have trumped all of that. Friday September 17th, 2010 marks the first annual Rockstar Uproar Festival at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA.

Who would have guessed that a Friday event would almost sell out the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, especially for a new Festival when other festivals have been struggling in the year most are calling the worst in concert history? I mean, seriously, American Idol Tour had problems from day one, Lilith Fair almost didn’t happen and Bamboozle swapped venues to a smaller location just to name a few. Even Livenation CEO, Michael Rapino, recently said publicly that they would pay less for artists to tour. However, today proved that with the right ingredients, a festival can succeed in a down economy.

The side stage set standards for festivals everywhere by putting great music on it instead of just ‘filler bands’. Eyes Set to Kill owned the stage with their crazy energy and energetic stage presence. Hail the Villain explained, “I’ve learned something today, the best place to play rock n roll is in the USA” which got the crowd excited and crazy with the moshing and slam dancing (though the slam dancers were getting hurt in the pit). Note to slam dancers and funny pogo people: best to keep away from the mosh pit. And Airbourne brought out the heavy in heavy metal, but a bit too choreographed head banging-in-unison for the purpose of showing off their deliberately wet long hair to really take too seriously. That, and the guitarist getting on some guys shoulders to play his solo in the crowd while being walked around…ok seriously, that was just weird.

New Medicine however really stood out though on the side stage. With a bit of a poppy edge to their metal sound and lyrics that at times rhymed with very relatable lyrics, I am very surprised I haven’t heard these guys on KROQ before. At times their music was in-your-face fun but was balanced with more serious tones like with “little sister” which Jake, vocalist for the group explained was about his little sister whom passed away at a very young age. From beginning to end of their short set there was as much new energy as the first note without a hiccup. Sometimes a band’s fun personality is just inviting, and that’s what was happened with New Medicine.

When Halestorm took the main stage, or shall I say, fucking rocked the main stage, finally people were starting to show up to the rather empty Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Still, with only a fraction of the seats filled with lucky enough fans to see them in action. Front woman Lzzy Hale, described as hottest chick in metal” and “best metal chick singer”. I think we should throw “bad-ass” somewhere in there because Halestorm had no problem rocking the main stage complete with a 5 minute drum solo(s), which included the entire band joining in with metal trashcans busting out to an aggressive buildup of what would lead into “nothing to do with love”. Their set included songs like “Its not you”. However, nothing really compared to their performance of “I get off”, which really let the band shine at doing what they do best, rocking out.

Stone Sour came out, also in support of their new (and critically acclaimed) album Audio Secrecy. The band successfully showed off the second side to the front man for Slipknot (and without masks!). The unforgettable performance included “Through Glass” and “say you’ll haunt me”, both which really played out well live with the audience singing along, and other heavy demanding tracks like “30/30-150” which got the lawn area a bit crazy at times.

The performance of the night however, easily, was Avenged Sevenfold. While I can’t compare it to the other Uproar shows, I think it’s safe to assume they were playing a home show and would not be outdone, at least not tonight. In opening, a guy on stage jumped to what looked like his suicide and would stay hanging during the entire performance of opening song, “Nightmare” , which got everybody’s blood pumping with energy and excitement – even the older couple  next to us! The entire group brought their A-Game, without a doubt. The band made sure to remember “The Rev” Sullivan, their old drummer with “So Far Away”. Even before the tribute, M. Shadows said anything, you could hear people scream “We Love you Rev!” but just in case, Shadows explained,  “see the picture of my best friend”. Shadows gave a touching speech about how without Sullivan they wouldn’t be here today and they are doing it for his legacy. The audience responded with loud and long applauses throughout the speech giving Avenged Sevenfold the love they deserve, especially here in their hometown of Irvine. During the set, the entire 15,000 or so person audience held up cellphones and lighters so that, “Crazy mother fucker up there can watch us, and smile at us down here, celebrate his life”. The band closed out the set with “Unholy Confessions” and “ Almost Easy”.

Sadly, but maybe even out of respect for Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed was a bit forgettable with less stage performance then bands before them. However, in reality, it would have been impossible for anybody to outshine Avenged Sevenfold this night. Disturbed, appeared to be going through the motions without much emotion for almost the entire 13 song set list, which probably explained why people started exiting during their set.




Rockstar Uproar Gallery Below:



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